New, Quiet, High Tech Thickness Planers from Laguna Tools

Just over a year ago WoodEzine reported on Laguna Tool’s new 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander that allows a woodworker to drum sand and profile sand on the same machine, using interchangeable heads.

Now Laguna has introduced several new planers, ranging from the 12”, 2 HP, 110 Volt benchtop PX|12 model up to the downright impressive PX|22 which is available in either a 7-1/2 HP single phase or a 10 HP 3-phase version. Most of the new Laguna planers are built with German engineered ShearTec II cutterheads with carbide knives that each have four edges to rotate as they wear. The result is smoother cuts, better stock removal and longer life. And woodworkers will be quite surprised at the low noise levels that the company has achieved in what has traditionally been a very noisy machine.

The smallest member of the family, the PX|12 ($599), spins at 10000 RPM and has a pair of pull-out extensions to support longer stock. It will handle boards up to 12-1/2” wide and 6” thick, and it feeds at 26 feet per minute (FPM). It has 26 cutters arranged in four rows on the QuadTec: I cutterhead. Each insert is indexed, requiring no jig when rotating or replacing.

Next up, the PX|16 comes with a 220 Volt, 5 HP single phase motor and handles boards up to 16” wide and 8” thick. This is a professional grade machine ($3,750) that has infeed and outfeed rollers, and a digital readout (DRO) on the control panel to provide better ergonomics and make it easier to program precise set-ups. The control panel is at the top of the machine and is angled toward the machine operator for easy access. A 4” diameter dust chute offers the option to point to the right or left, to best suit a shop’s ductwork and the feed rate is either 16 or 28 FPM depending on the cut and species. There’s full 4-post bed support for consistent performance, a ShearTec II Cutterhead, and a serrated infeed roller and pressure bar that are mounted close to the cutterhead to virtually eliminate snipe.

The next upgrade is the PX|20, which can handle stock up to 20” wide and 8” thick. Here again, the feed rate is 16 or 28 FPM and the motor is also 220v, 5HP, single phase drawing 23 Amps. The 3” cutterhead rotates at 5000 RPM and holds 108 four-sided cutters arranged in six rows.

The top of the line PX|22 ($7,350) has electronic variable speed that allows users to speed up the material feed for quick thicknessing or to use slower rates for more cuts per inch. This feature is something that is normally found on much more expensive models. The 5” diameter dust chute can point right or left.