Komelon Saw and Tape Measures at Rockler

New Saw and Tape Measures at Rockler

New to the Rockler catalog is the Komelon Speed Cut Carpenter Saw (item GRP41311, $21.99) which cuts on the pull stroke. That pulling action puts the blade in tension for straight cuts without the bending and binding of conventional push saws. The thin blade produces a narrow kerf for a more precise cut, and it does so with less power than is needed for saws with thicker plates. The flexibility of the blade also allows for cutting in hard-to-reach places, and the saw can be used for flush trimming of dowels etc. before sanding. The saw has 14.4 impulse-hardened, triple-faceted teeth per inch (TPI), and is easily replaced once dull. A replacement blade (item 66047) runs $12.99.

The Komelon company, which was established in 1963 in Korea and in 1997 in the U.S., is known for innovations in measuring tapes, knives and saws. It was responsible for developing the world’s first Fiberglas™ long tape, the first Magnetic Hook measuring tape, and the Self-Locking Measuring Tape. In 2019 the company introduced the first professional LED tape measure.

New at Rockler are 12’, 16’ and 25’ measuring tapes from Komelon, including the 25′ Self Lock Speed-Mark Tape Measure shown here (item 69969, $11.99). It has fractional gradations on the blade for easier, accurate measuring and marking. And it features a high carbon steel blade and an impact resistant rubber over-mold that protects the ABS plastic case.