BVC's new vacuum cup for SCM/Morbidelli Accord and M pod and rail CNCs

New Vacuum Cup for Some Pod and Rail CNCs

BVC has announced a new vacuum cup for SCM/Morbidelli Accord and M series pod and rail machining centers. The new cup can be mounted on an existing plate in minutes and it has a feature that is sure to appeal to CNC operators. If the machine routs into the cup, that’s no longer a big problem. BVC’s US patented design can handle impacts without sacrificing the rubber top. The cup can be fixed in about 30 seconds (there’s a video on the website showing how). That means there’s no more serious downtime with trashed vacuum cups. And the new cup means there are no more moving parts because the green cups have some serious holding power.

Better Vacuum Cups Inc. was founded by Mike McClaran and is located in Chino Hills, California. Mike is widely known in the industry. His father and grandfather opened the first CR Onsrud dealer on the West Coast, and Mike opened his own company servicing Biesse machinery in January 2005. Prior to that he was employed by Biesse Group America, HolzHer, and Stiles.