News from Lancaster County Woodcarvers

We received a sad email from Jeff Pretz at the Lancaster County Woodcarvers today. The club is typical of so many woodworking groups across the country, and is a genuine asset in its community. The members teach woodcarving skills to local home-school groups and partner with Lancaster County Parks once a year to offer beginning wood carving for adults.  They appreciate the military and veterans, and  support local charities. For example, they joined with Manheim Township Carvers this year and gave more than a hundred ornaments to hospice. And each year the club holds the Lancaster County Woodcarving and Wildlife Art Festival, which is a regional event that draws big crowds every spring. But on September 23rd all of the attendees at a show committee meeting sadly agreed to cancel the March 2021 festival.  With the uncertainty concerning the availability of its venue and a constantly changing environment due to the current virus situation, they decided that it doesn’t make sense to plan for an event this large for next spring. Jeff says they regret being forced into this decision, but safety and health is of paramount concern.  The probability of a large financial loss to the club, though secondary, also played into the thinking. He signed off by saying “hopefully our world will look different soon.  We anticipate having a great show in 2022.  See you all then!”