No Clogged Filters


The Autoclean (AC) automatic feature on Festool’s newest vacuum, the CleanTec CT 48 E AC HEPA (item number 576761) keeps the filter clean and provides continuously high suction power. It holds 12.7 gallons and is equipped with swiveling front casters and large rear wheels. It also has a locking brake that works on the job, as well as during transport. The flat filter is fully integrated with the suction head, which means the full volume of the tank is used (the gross and net container volumes are nearly identical). The extremely compact, high-performance turbine provides 137 CFM and OSHA Table 1 Silica dust control for certain applications (see website). A tapered 36-32 mm hose ensures optimal airflow and keeps both the volume and velocity of the air at a high level. An included reducer allows for connection to all Festool products with 36 or 27mm ports.