Sipo, from M. Bohlke Lumber

Now That’s a Big Board! It’s Sipo, from M. Bohlke Lumber

Based in Fairfield, Ohio, the M. Bohlke company has been supplying fine veneers and solid hardwoods to the most discerning woodshops for fifty-five years. Among the most recent additions to the inventory are Circassian walnut and Castello marbled flat cut veneer. And one of the most eyebrow-raising jobs the mill has tackled lately is the Sipo bar shown here.

The company notes that Sipo (also called Utile or Sipo Mahogany) is native to west and central Africa and can grow to 200 feet in height with trunk diameters usually between 3 to 5 feet, but they can grow larger. For top notch consistency, high-end woodworkers and yacht builders prefer boule lumber (an entire sawn log is put back into sequential form for purchase), because it delivers consistent grain and aesthetics throughout a project. Sipo heartwood is a uniform medium reddish brown and the sapwood is a well-defined and paler yellow. This wood is naturally resistant to rot, which makes it a good choice for exterior projects. Because of its similar aesthetic and workability, Sipo has gained popularity as a substitute for genuine Mahogany, and as such its common uses include live edge furniture, cabinetry, and luxurious settings such as jet and yacht interiors. 

   This handsome species is bound to make a statement piece; you can bring character and the inherent beauty of natural wood into dining rooms, boardrooms, or restaurant interiors. Both hand-rubbed oil and spray-on finishes go on beautifully. The 34’7” Sipo bar pictured here is located at Warped Wing Brewing Co. in Dayton.

M. Bohlke’s Sipo inventory includes 8/4, 10/4 and 12/4 boules plus 8/4 FAS&BTR square edge boards. You’ll also find pretty much any species and cut of veneer or solid wood on the website, or by contacting the sales department.