The Omal HG Flexhinge from SCM Group

Omal Machine Drills for and Then Installs Hinges

The Omal HG Flexhinge was demonstrated in the SCM Group booth at the AWFS® Fair in Las Vegas in late July. This machine drills for 35mm hinges, inserts them and then secures them in the cabinet doors, all in a few seconds. Designed for automatic drilling and insertion of hinges and Rafix hardware (a system of shelf and panel connectors), Flexhinge offers increased efficiency, fewer errors, higher speed and the versatility to perform multi-hinge operations.

There’s a built-in camera that sees when a hinge has been popped into the well on the machine, and judges whether it’s aligned properly. If something is amiss, the machine rejects the hinge and the operator is then allowed to move it, so it’s seated properly.

The machine moves in response to programming so that the hinges are ideally spaced.

There’s a video of the Omal HG FlexHinge doing its thing on YouTube™.