One-Of-A-Kind Wood

Hearne Hardwoods Inc. is a small, family-owned, specialty hardwood lumber company located on an 18th century homestead in southeastern Pennsylvania. The team offers a selection of some of the world’s most beautiful woods cut from sustainably managed forests, and they ship all over. This month the company reports that it has some one-of-a-kind wood available that is being dubbed “Natural Wood Art”, because it’s so unique. Among these gems is a huge, 6’-2” long big leaf maple burl and a Nargusta knee that is just itching to become a table base. Hearne also has some spectacular 6/4 highly figured quartersawn English sycamore in stock, including some book-matched boards such as the ones shown. Visit the company online (there’s a lot more to see), or call 888-814-0007 for info.