Oneida’s DC Benchtop Dust Collector in Woodworkers’ Guild of America Video

Last November WoodEzine reported that Oneida Air Systems in Syracuse, New York had just introduced a new device for collecting sanding dust right at the workbench. Now the Woodworkers’ Guild of America (which, incidentally, now has more than 160,000 subscribers) has uploaded a YouTube™ video on the set-up and operation of the Benchtop Dust Collector (item XBZ000100, $599). In the video, George Vondriska carves a wooden spoon with power equipment and illustrates how the Oneida DC grabs most of the chips and pretty much all of the fine dust as he works – all without any ductwork or hoses.

Oneida notes that when it comes to dust in the woodshop, it’s important to understand the cumulative adverse effect that dust can have. A woodworker may not react adversely to it immediately, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have health problems later as exposure accumulates over the years.

The BenchTop DC Personal Dust Collector has six low voltage fan motors that combine to provide 535 CFM of dust collection for tools that have inadequate or no dust ports, such as sanders, rotary tools, scroll saws and the like. The functional hood design ensures optimal airflow and variable-speed controls customize the fan speed. There’s a dual-filter system where a washable first filter significantly prolongs the lifespan of the internal MERV-15 filter. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. And a MERV-15 value means that the filter will stop 84% to 95% of particulates from 0.3 to 1.0 microns in size. To give you a perspective on those numbers, human hair is about 70 microns so the machine is able to remove extremely fine particulates from the air.

The Benchtop DC also has a supplemental 110-Volt outlet on the side for powering hand tools and accessories, which cuts down on extension cords. The unit’s slim design offers great portability and an easy fit on any workbench.

Oneida has been making dust collection products for a long time and smaller shops may wish to check out the company’s Universal Dust-Free Router Base which collects debris as you rout, and the innovative Dust Deputy. The catalog also includes a wide variety of larger collectors and everything needed to design and build an efficient collection system in any size woodshop. At this time, the company says it will take about four weeks to ship the BenchTop DC Personal Dust Collector.