Organize and Magnetize Your Screwdrivers

Czech Republic chisel maker Narex has introduced a couple of screwdriver sets with a plastic base that has a built-in magnetizer. Simply slide the tip of each tool across the area every now and then to magnetize it, and stop having to pick up dropped screws from the woodshop floor. Set 8559-00 has 2 slotted screwdrivers, 2 Phillips, 2 Pozidriv (an enhanced Phillips with better grip), and both a slotted and a Phillips electrical screwdriver. It also includes a voltage tester. The screwdrivers are made with a treated highly alloyed steel with a chrome plated surface and a black finish on the working end. They are very ergonomic and the handle has a round cross-section (although the shape prevents the tool from rolling away), a hard PP core and a soft TPE cover.

In the U.S., Narex tools are distributed by Taylor Toolworks LLC, Highland Woodworking and Infinity Cutting Tools.