Picture Frame Router Sets


MLCS Router Bits in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania is making it easy for woodworkers to get into the photo, picture and mirror framing trade with a couple of new router bit sets from Eagle America. The first of these two made-in-America collections is a five-piece picture frame and mirror set in either 1/4″ (item 199-1652, $189.95) or 1/2″ (item 199-1655, also $189.95) shanks. The bits can also be used to create edge profiles on chair rails and window sill casings. They are all two flute and carbide tipped, with 3/4″ bearing guides. The other set is a rabbeting collection (item 100-5075, $79.99) that comes with ten bearings that can be changed to create perfectly sized rabbets on the backs of the picture frame moldings (which is usually done before the profile is cut). The rabbet bit has extra thick carbide and can be used to flush trim too. An Allen key for bearing changes and a bearing depth conversion chart are both included.