Pinske Power Stands add cam locks

Pinske Power Stands Now Come with Cam Locks

Minnesota based The Pinske Edge makes Workstation Stands (item 242596, $500) that come with 96″ rails, and the company has recently added cam locks for installing the rails to make set-up easier and faster. They are designed for working with solid surface countertop material such as Corian® but are just as handy for working with any sheet stock. Pinske’s Power Stands let a woodworker arrange an area in the shop or at the job site, as they are so portable, sturdy, and compact. They’re fast and simple to set up and take down, and the shop can place sheets on the workstation and leave them there from rough cut through final seaming or shaping. The less a workpiece is moved, the less chance there is of chipped edges or other damage. The Stands are 32-1/2” tall and 26” wide, and they fold down to just 9″ deep. They provide equal support along the entire length of material on L-shaped 2” x 4-1/2” rails that are made from 1/4″ thick aluminum and are 96″ in length. And a shop can add additional flexibility to its Power Stands by adding an optional set of Move-Eze Wheels.

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