Portable Base for Woodworking Machines

Troy, Michigan based Bora PortaMate has released the newest addition to its mobile machine base line. The BORA PM-1050 Versatile Mobile Base is designed to make it easy to move individual machines such as jointers and drill presses to router tables and band saws in shops with restricted space. It is adjustable in 1” increments from 12×12 inches to 26×26 inches in a square format, or up to 16×36 inches in a rectangular arrangement. The PM-1050 has a very low profile that increases the machine’s height by less than 1 inch. It has locking steel foot levers and non-skid feet that keep a machine parked where it needs to be. The 3” hard rubber wheels make for easy movement, and the PM-1050 has a 400-lb. capacity. The corners are fully welded and the steel rails are two inches tall. It has all-steel foot levers and is listed at $75.