Quiet, Clean Portable Power on the Jobsite

The new Carry-On™ power supply from Milwaukee Tool is finally ready for market. The unit (item MXF002-2XC) supplies 3600 peak watts and 1800 running watts of pure sine wave energy to power everything from high demand 15 Amp tools to sensitive electronics. It’s like a generator without the noise or exhaust. Running on the company’s MX Fuel™ battery power, it’s not only safer than gas-powered generators, but it can also be used indoors because it has zero emissions. It eliminates the need for gasoline and extension cords, and it doesn’t require engine maintenance. The Carry-On also offers compact size and quiet operation, a roll cage for outdoor jobsite use, and push button start. The MX FUEL™ Power Supply delivers enough power to run one 15 Amp tool and one lower wattage device simultaneously, and it can be powered by a single battery or by two batteries for double the run-time. As part of Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY™ system, woodworkers can keep track of the unit. That’s a digital platform that integrates tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program.