Radius and Chamfering Hand Plane from MLCS

Radius and Chamfering Handplane from MLCS

A new addition to the MLCS Ltd. catalog, this is a handy edge-breaking plane (item 9961, $34.95) that comes with four high carbon steel blades, and even a built-in bubble level (horizontal and vertical). The four profiles available are a straight chamfer at 45 degrees, plus 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” round-overs. This is an apron-pocket product that would be ideal for edging shelves, drawer sides and panels. The blades have threaded shafts for depth adjustments using the large, knurled wheel and a small locking knob, and the plane has an aluminum alloy shell. It’s constructed with seven hexagon socket nuts, and a driver tool is included.