Vintage woodworking tools

Restored Millers Falls No. 2A Drill and Other Vintage Tools

Last July we visited Rick Hansen at Vintage Woodworking Tools in St. Paul, Minnesota, who was listing a Stanley No. 45 combination plane at the time. Rick has a beautiful website, and he can also be found on eBay and social media platforms.

This time around, there’s a beautifully restored Millers Falls hand drill among the new offerings, which include planes, marking tools, spokeshaves and lots more. The drill (item 3192, $225) was completely disassembled, cleaned, and stripped of all paint and finish. Then multiple coats of new paint were applied, and each was baked on. The wood was stained and finished with multiple coats of shellac and all moving parts, bearings and gears were lightly oiled during the reassembly. A few nicks and stings remain, due to the age of the drill.

Rick is constantly adding new tools to his catalog as he buys, sells, restores and puts these aging treasures to use in his own shop. You can search by categories that include Bench Accessories, Braces, Chisels & Gouges, Catalogs & Literature, Draw Knives, Drills, Levels, Measuring Tools, Planes (bench, block, specialty, router, collectible, combination, parts), Saws, Scrapers, Spokeshaves and Beaders, Screwdrivers, Sharpening (mostly stones) and Wooden Planes.

Here’s what Rick says about his business:

“I can supply most tools that a hand tool woodworker needs. You will find everything from bits and braces to miter boxes in our inventory. A full range of planes, everything from Stanley No. 2’s to Stanley No. 45’s, cabinet scrapers, spokeshaves and drawknives. There are dozens of restored and hand sharpened rip saws, crosscut saws, panel saws and back saws available. You won’t find any junk here. I sell the brands of tools that I want to use – Stanley, Millers Falls, Disston, Atkins, Simonds, etc. Tools are cleaned and repaired as needed. Many will be completely refurbished. The hand saws are cleaned, polished, hand sharpened and ready for use.”