Model 11-600S variable speed table saw from Rikon

Rikon Variable Speed Table Saw Also Works as a Disc Sander

The new model 11-600S from Rikon is a full 10” portable table saw with built-in wheels and a folding stand. It has a 2 HP variable speed motor that runs on standard household current, and the blade speed can be dialed in from 2000 RPM to 4200 RPM. There’s 28” of maximum rip capacity to right of the blade, and an adjustable rear support that works like an outfeed table. The arbor can be locked for safety when changing blades, and the saw even has a 2-1/2” standard dust port. It also has a place on board for storing all the tools and accessories. The ability to change the blade speed allows the user to retain the correct torque throughout the cut and prevent burning of material and premature dulling of blades. There’s a quick-release blade guard, a removable riving knife for through cuts, and the ability to plow up to 13/16” wide dadoes. The saw has rack and pinion gearing for rapid blade elevation and lowering, and a similar system for fence adjustments. We saw the 11-600S listed for $749 at Acme Tools, and $799 at Woodcraft. The maximum cut at ninety is 3-1/8” and at forty-five it’s 2-1/4”. It comes with a 40-tooth blade and a five-year warranty.