Robot Sander For Small Shops

Smaller professional woodshops have an opportunity to enter the world of robotics with the new OnRobot sander. The all-electric random orbital sander is an out-of-the-box tool that’s easy to use with all major collaborative and lightweight industrial robots. Those arms have become surprisingly affordable of late. Included is a plug-and-play sanding tool, a variety of standard sanding and polishing pads, easy-to-use programming software, an optional force/ torque sensor and a Grit Changer that grits without any operator intervention. OnRobot also has a “Save Position” button on the tool that allows users to set way-points manually, and the software comes with different path planning options including hand-guide, shape and points. It lets the user adjust rotation speed to optimize cycle time and consistency. The sander supports flat, curved and uneven part geometries, and comes with replaceable standard pads that can be used on a wide range of materials. Adding a force/torque sensor enables the sander to adapt to surface variations or part misalignment, while improving consistency and quality and reducing scrap rate. All of the advanced features of the OnRobot Sander are supported on Universal Robots cobots, but the tool is easily integrated with any major robot brand.