Rockler 20'' x 26'' T-Track Tabletop with Accessory Bundle

Rockler 20” x 26” T-Track Tabletop with Accessory Bundle

There’s an old adage in woodworking that says one can never have enough clamps. Work-holding can be a challenge, especially on a wide workbench when you need to clamp something down on the center. This new table from Rockler (item #62104, $235.94) combines a smaller worktop with an accessory bundle that is designed to hold parts for sanding, milling and hand work. The company also offers a larger version of the T-Track table.

With this new version, buyers get a bundle of three T-Track accessories – a round Omni-Stop for holding angled or oddly shaped objects; a Short Stop for keeping work from sliding around while belt sanding; and a Frame Clamp for clamping mitered frames and casework.

The table and clamping package lets a woodworker clamp objects at the edge of the table, in the center of the table, and anywhere in between for fast, stable sawing, sanding, routing or assembly. The company also offers a wide variety of T-Track Hold Downs, Bench Cookie Work Grippers and Bench Cookie T-Track Risers (#46311, sold separately). The system can also be used with toggle clamps mounted on Rockler’s Toggle Clamp Mounting Plates (#24872, sold separately). The new top can be mounted on a shop-built base, or on Rockler’s 18” x 24” Steel Shop Stand (#67537, sold separately), or it can be clamped to an existing workbench. The multi-functional T-slots accept 5/16” T-bolts, 1/4” T-bolts, and 1/4” hex-bolts. The table is made with durable, low-friction melamine-coated MDF with black banding to help prevent edge wear. The T-slots are made of extruded aluminum and measure 3/4” wide x 3/8” deep.