Rockler Sawhorse Accessories 63953

Rockler Sawhorse Accessory Bundle

Ever think your sawhorses are under-used? Rockler has come up with a package of accessories (kit #63953, $84.96) that can transform any sawhorse with a 2×4 top rail into a much better shop assistant than your brother-in-law. Included in the deal are four sawhorse supports, two pipe clamp brackets, four Bench Cookies and four cookie sawhorse clips. 

When using the horses with a sheet of plywood for a makeshift workbench, the Sawhorse Supports let you add any length of 2×4 between the two horses for an instant cure to saddleback.

The Pipe Clamp Brackets let you add a pipe clamp of any length for holding and clamping large items, and the clamps swing out of the way when not needed.

The Bench Cookie® Plus sawhorse clips slip over the 2×4 top beam, giving you a no-mar, non-slip work-holding solution that is easily resizable for any workpiece.

The Bench Cookies Plus themselves thread onto the clips and keep work from shifting around while sanding, sawing, or routing.

All the accessories are Rockler proprietary products, designed and built only by the company and its suppliers. The kit weighs 5.85 lbs. and includes screws to secure the brackets to 2 x 4s. The Cookies are 3” in diameter and 1” tall, and construction is polymer/composite.

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