Rockler’s Bow Tie Inlay System

Bowties aren’t just a sign of good workmanship. They’re also quite functional, as they can help checks and cracks from opening further in response to environmental changes. A new inlay system from Rockler uses a guide bushing with an ingenious removable collar and features several decorative templates. It works with a plunge router to cut both the bow tie inlay keys (sometimes called butterfly keys) and the matching mortises. The Starter Kit for this system includes the unique, two-piece bushing/collar where one installs the sleeve to rout the mortise, then removes it to rout the bow tie key. Since the same template is used for both, the company says that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. The Starter Kit also includes a specially sized 1/8” solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit, the large acrylic frame, and two bow tie templates – one is 3-5/8” long and the other is 4-1/4” long. The frame and templates are made from durable 6mm acrylic with screen-printed cross marks for easy alignment and centering. The frame holds a template in place, provides a surface for the router to ride upon, and also accepts all of the other optional decorative inlay templates in the system.