Rockler Pneumatic Clamps

Rockler’s Hold-down Pneumatic Clamps

Running on a woodshop’s air compressor, these clamps are handy for holding work in place for sanding, routing, biscuiting and a host of other light-duty tasks. They provide up to 34 pounds at the flick of a switch, so they’re ideal for repetitive clamping tasks such as face frame assembly or as hold-downs or push clamps for drill presses and CNC tables.

They’re not strong enough for glue-ups (softwoods require 100-150 PSI and hardwoods need 175-200 PSI), but they can do most tasks that quick-clamps can do, in a fraction of the time.

Woodworkers can choose one of two all-in-one Starter Kits that include all the components required for either a vertical or horizontal clamp. The shop can add additional clamps (up to 4 per regulator) by purchasing vertical or horizontal Expansion Kits (both types can use the same regulator and switch, at the same time). The clamps slide into standard T-track for easy adjusting, and they can also be screwed down for more permanent clamping fixtures. Cylinder brackets mount to T-Track with included T-bolts and knobs, or directly to the top of #8 screws (not included). The regulator and switch brackets mount to T-Track or solid surface, as well as to Rockler Rock-Steady shop stand legs with 32mm-spaced holes.

The regulator includes a 1/4” NPT valve for connecting to an air hose, and the starter kits include 10 feet of 4mm tubing (Expansion Kits include 5′)— that can be cut to length to fit an application. Quick-release fittings allow fast, easy connection of tubes. Just press them in to install them and press the ring on the fitting to release them. The clamp feet thread onto the cylinder stems to provide non-marring pressure, and each clamp has 50mm of throw for nearly 2” of clamping range.

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