Rockler’s New Bench Cookie Connect

“Any way you slice it, you’ll find countless uses for the Rockler Bench Cookie Connect.” That’s what the company says about its new, much larger Cookie. Each of its four quadrants have high-friction rubber pads on both faces to hold a workpiece steady during operations such as sawing, sanding or routing. But what’s special here is that the quadrants can snap together to form a jumbo 7-1/8” diameter Bench Cookie that’s great for sanding parts. The woodworker can also separate the quadrants and reconnect them in an endless variety of configurations, depending on needs. Bench Cookie Connect is the same thickness as Rockler’s original Bench Cookie Plus, so they can be used together. Each quadrant also has a threaded insert for mounting optional accessories such as Sawhorse Clips or Risers. And the 90-degree corners on the quadrants can be faced out when gluing up frames or other rectangles, for better support at the corners