Two new power sources from Ryobi

Ryobi Introduces Two New Power Options

Ryobi’s battery system, 18V ONE+, now has a couple of new auxiliary power sources that could help out quite a bit on the jobsite or on the road. The first is item RYI150CVNM, which has 150 Watts of continuous output. It’s perfect for powering laptops, tablets, cell phones, fans and other small electronics. The compact and lightweight design is compatible with all existing ONE+ batterie, and it also acts as a charger that can recharge batteries through the USB-C port. The device has a 120-Volt outlet, two fast charging USB-A outlets and one fast charging USB-C outlet. Compatible small devices will charge as fast as possible, up to 30 Watts.  The kit includes wall adaptor and a USB charging cable, and also comes with a 2.0 Ah battery that is compatible with over 225 Ryobi 18V ONE+ products. It’s backed by a 3-year limited warranty, and it allows charging by a household outlet, in the car and even solar charging when using one of Ryobi’s new portable, folding solar collectors. Plus, there’s an external LED area light.

The second new device is a smaller, 120W, automotive power source (RYI120AVNM) that includes a power inverter and an adapter. It draws power from a 12V car power port, or any Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery. This, too, is an ideal power source for laptops, tablets, smart phones and other small electronics.

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