Salice Exedra2 Pocket Door System

Salice Exedra2 Pocket Door System

The Italian hardware manufacturer Salice is headquartered a few minutes north of Milan, at the base of the Swiss Alps. The company has introduced a new folding closet door system that comes in two versions. Called Exedra2, it’s based on Salice’s original Exedra pocket door system which, thanks to an ingeniously engineered mechanism, enables the simultaneous opening of two linked doors.

In the Exedra2 Star version (top in photo), the compartment that houses the mechanism is behind a pair of slender covering panel that are fixed to the front of the system at either side.

In the Exedra2 Smart version, the door edges are visible when they are folded into their compartment, so all you see are doors (no panels). The Smart version also requires less depth in the cabinet. Another attractive feature is that there’s no track on the floor, so designers can be quite creative. And opening and closing the doors with one hand is effortless, thanks to the handles at the sides. Plus, the hardware’s exceptionally smooth movement means that doors can be closed quickly and easily, too.

Either version of the Exedra2 system offers woodshops a functional and practical solution in a host of larger door situations from kitchens and living rooms to walk-in closets, hidden home offices, out of sight laundry rooms or perhaps just making shelving and storage become less visible.

To find a distributor, contact Salice at 800 222 9652.