Sames Kremlin's FStart Spray Guns

Sames Kremlin’s FStart Spray Guns Come With Entry-level Pricing

Founded in 1924, the French manufacturer Sames Kremlin has U.S. headquarters in Plymouth, a suburb of Minneapolis. The company’s new FStart line of spray guns includes the P Pressure, S Suction and G Gravity models. The P gun is the right choice for spraying low to medium viscosity materials. The S gun is a suction-feed conventional gun designed for hard to atomize coatings. And the G model is a multi-purpose gun that’s easy to use. The company says that all three are available at entry-level pricing.

The HVLP model P gun has fine adjustments to achieve the perfect spray pattern for all applications; a fine atomization air-cap that’s adjustable to 360°; soft springs for a responsive and reduced trigger pull; a new trigger design for more comfort; and is one of the lightest manual spray guns in its category so it should reduce carpal tunnel injuries. It also has an aluminum body for easy cleaning.

The conventional air-spray S gun has all those features plus it has a reusable aluminum cup with a simplified locking system. The tank is 0.26 gallons and the gun weighs 14.2 ounces. The air inlet is M ¼” NPS, and the fluid inlet is M 3/8” NPS.

The lightweight (14.5 ounce) G model is available in both HVLP and conventional versions. This gun makes it easy and cost-effective to apply water-based or solvent-based coatings, and it can meet the needs of small to large finishing shops. The FStart G spray guns can be used by both beginners and experienced professionals, and the bottle capacity is 0.16 gallons. It consumes 13.7 CFM (conventional) and 12 CFM (HVLP), at recommendations of 36 to 51 PSI and 22 to 36 PSI respectively.

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