SawStop Compact Table Saw

SawStop’s Plug-in Compact Table Saw is Coming This Fall

The new Compact Table Saw (starting at $899) will be the smallest, most portable saw in the company’s catalog, but it still has a 10” blade. The table surface is 23” wide by 22-5/8” deep. The rack and pinion fence is easy to adjust and reliably square, with a built-in high-low face that supports all kinds of cuts. A woodworker can quickly tilt the blade to the ideal angle with just one hand, and there’s an exclusive micro-adjust feature for dialing in a precise cutting angle. The tool has SawStop’s patented safety system that stops a spinning blade on contact with skin in less than 5 milliseconds, and then drops it below the table. One can stow tools and accessories in an on-board compartment. The saw has a rigid tube structure and rubber feet for stability, and an optional folding stand is available. It comes with a miter gauge, one installed brake cartridge, a hex key, blade wrenches, an installed riving knife, a blade guard with a spreader and pawls, a 24-tooth blade, a push stick and a standard insert. The motor is 120 volts AC, and the no-load speed is 4000 RPM. The maximum cut at 90 is 3-1/8” and at 45 is 2-1/8”. The rip capacity is 24-1/2” and the saw weighs 68 lbs.