See Inside Walls Before You Drill

Next time you need to hang cabinets on a concrete, tile or even drywall surface, take a look inside the wall before you drill for anchors. The new 18V Wall/Floor Scanner (DWD181ZJ / DWD181R1J) from Makita USA, Inc. runs on the company’s LXT® batteries, so it’s completely portable. It detects objects in concrete and masonry surfaces up to 7″ deep and has selectable base material modes. The scanner is capable of detecting a variety of embedded objects including metals, wood, plastic, and shielded electrical wire. It has a multi-detection mode (it scans in up to three parallel surface positions), which can detect objects that are running diagonally inside the wall. There’s a laser guide and an LED light, and best-in-class detection accuracy of +/- 3/16”. The user interface with a large 4” display shows the center, edge position, and relative width and depth of embedded objects. This tool is durable too, with a rubberized over-mold and a dust and water-resistance IP54-rating. It also features Makita’s exclusive Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) for improved dust and water resistance in harsh conditions. With one 2.0Ah battery the scanner gets up to 9 hours of continuous run time. With a 6.0Ah battery it will deliver up to 28 hours of continuous run time. It runs about $1,600 so it’s not a hobby tool. But for pros, one avoided mistake should pay for the DWD181ZJ.

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