Self-propelled Goliath Robot CNCs to be Made Available this Year

The latest from Milan, Italy based developer Springa Srl is that some new Goliath CNC units will be available soon through an online pre-order campaign. The machine is very interesting, especially for small production shops. It moves and the work stays stationary, so there’s pretty much no limit to the size of the workpiece. Goliath is essentially a CNC without a frame, so it can be placed anywhere on the project. And when the work has been completed, Goliath can be packed away to save the space in a workshop that would normally be occupied by a floor model machine. It’s very precise – the patented sensor system ensures repeatability at 0.10 mm. The three omnidirectional wheels mean it moves smoothly across the work, and user-friendly software lets Goliath calculate where to work and how to cut. It can work on new or downloaded designs and the user can easily supervise progress from a computer. The tool has an integrated dust collection system, too. Springa will manufacture only the number of units that are ordered during the new campaign, and they’ll ship those in the fall. Marketing Manager Diletta Bernasconi tells WoodEzine that “the price will be around $3,900”.