Shapton GlassStone (GS) Series HR Stones from Lee Valley

Shapton GlassStone (GS) Series Sharpening Stones from Lee Valley

Shapton has long been near the top of the list for hand tool enthusiasts who like to sharpen. The company’s products have always exhibited a high degree of quality and perfection. So, it’s no surprise that Lee Valley is carrying the latest from Shapton – a collection of thirteen sharpening stones that uses tempered float glass as a foundation for each stone, giving it a high degree of dimensional stability and strength while ensuring that all of the abrasive is usable.

The stones are 210mm × 70mm × 11mm (8 1/4″ × 2 3/4″ × 7/16″) overall with 5mm of usable abrasive thickness, and they each weigh about 14 oz (400g). The 500x stone is also available with a thicker 10mm abrasive layer (which makes it 15mm thick overall), which is an excellent choice for woodworkers who will use this stone regularly to grind bevels. It weighs 19.75 oz (560g).

The new stones can be used with the Shapton stone holder or the lighter field holder for a solid base that holds each stone at a good working height.

Called the GS series of HR stones, the new collection includes such a large range of grits that it will appeal to technical sharpeners who can build a regimen that meets the needs of any blade. These HR stones are regular abrasives for most tools. For forge-welded composite steel blades, Shapton recommends its HC-designated 4000x, 6000x and 8000x stones that use a different abrasive agent which is best suited for those blades.

The HR stones can be purchased individually and prices range from $44.50 for the 120 grit to $259 for the 30000 grit. The range includes…

Shaping           120, 220, 320

Grinding          500, 1000

Honing            2000, 3000, 4000

Polishing         6000, 8000, 10000, 16000, 30000

The other accessories mentioned here are Lee Valley item 61M0150 (the Shapton Stone Holder, $66.50) and item 61M0160 (the Shapton Field Holder, $52.50). Also available is item 61M0190 which is the Shapton Stone Pond ($189). Supplies of some of these items may be subject to some shipping delays.

There’s a video about the new stones.

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