Shop-made Bit and Driver Caddy

This is a very simple idea that could make a woodworker’s day a little bit easier. It’s just a two-piece holder for carrying around a dozen of the countersink, screwdriver and pilot bits needed to build or install cabinets and other assemblies. It avoids the need to rummage through a toolbox, and is really handy because it keeps everything organized, available and visible – especially on the jobsite. The holes are spaced out far enough so big fingers can grab a bit, and they’re drilled at least 5/8” into the block for stability (so the bits won’t fall out when you’re up a ladder!). We used a 9/32” bit in a drill press to make the series of holes. Then we popped one of the driver bits upside down in a portable drill, and the hex end was spun briefly in each hole – just to make it easier to get bits in and out. The handle is tall enough so that you don’t skewer your hand on pointy pilot bits and it’s just screwed in place from the bottom using pilot holes. It took us about ten minutes to make the caddy from scraps. And if you’re looking at the yellow pencil sharpener, yup, it’s absolutely fantastic. Just chuck it in a drill and it delivers perfect points. It’s made by C.H. Hanson and is available at most of the big box stores in a tube with 15 pencils. We also found it online at Fastoolnow for $5.68 plus shipping.