OVVO Connectors

Simple, Easy-to-use Connector Line Expands

The Irish manufacturer OVVO (that’s with two Vs, not a W) has released a couple of new connectors in its award-winning product range.

These plastic connectors clip into a specially made groove that can be plowed with a portable router, a router table, or a CNC router. All that’s needed is the company’s special Solo Cutter router bit. The whole process is incredibly simple and the resulting joint is tight, snug and very professional.

OVVO also supplies everything a shop needs to use a PantoRouter to make its connections.

The new V-0930 and V-1230 Solo Connectors can also be used as invisible, self-clamping gluing aids. Just cut the parts, plow the grooves, add some glue and then snap the joint together. The connectors’ self-clamping action will hold the joint in place while the glue cures. The connectors’ engineering actually pulls parts together using light pressure.

OVVO makes connectors for permanent joints and also for knock-down (KD) applications, where components might need to be taken apart later. The company forged its reputation in Europe as a leader in the RTA (ready-to-assemble) field and has won numerous prestigious awards in that market. Now, it has begun distributing in the U.S. through Richelieu Hardware. The keys to the connectors’ success are simplicity and reliability. The hardware is easy to machine for, easy to use, and very predictable and uniform. Sample packs are available for a nominal fee for woodshops that want to give ’em a try.