Sjobergs Nordic Pro 1400 Workbench

Sjobergs Nordic Pro 1400 Workbench

Manufactured in Stockaryd, Sweden, the new beech workbench from the legendary Sjoberg plant is retailing from $999 to $1,755 depending on the configuration. It is widely available in North America and there’s a button under each item on the Sjoberg website that searches for local retailers.

The new Nordic Pro 1400 replaces the popular 1450 and the company describes it as “a stable, robust and flexible bench in massive beech with different options to assemble both vises to suit left and right-handed”. It has a small footprint and a dog hole pattern in the top that provides a versatile way to clamp different objects from thin and irregular components to larger items that may require several points of clamping.

The three configurations are the basic bench (item 33338) with four bench dogs, a two-shelf and one-door cupboard version (bench plus SM07, item 35026), and the deluxe two-door cupboard and three drawer option (bench plus SM03, item 35025). Sjoberg makes a number of accessories that can be found on the website.

The company was founded in 1922 by Axel Sjoberg, so it is currently preparing for its centenary next year. Axel, who was born in 1897, was an apprenticed carpenter who turned part of the second floor in the family home into a workshop to make furniture. As the business grew, he built a small shop and built furniture, wooden water pumps and many made-to-order items including wooden bodywork parts for Ford. Axel Sjoberg began making woodworking benches in 1932, mainly for industry and handicrafts.

In 1947, Axel’s children built a new factory that made kitchen and church furniture, stairs, and of course workbenches. In the 1950s, schools began ordering benches fand sales increased significantly.

In 1959, one of the brothers took a miniature BS 122 woodworking bench to the U.S. Along with other Swedish exhibitors, the company showcased the bench at a design exhibition in Sacramento where it won a gold medal for design. North America and Germany are now the two most important export markets for Sjobergs Workbenches AB, which has a presence in more than 25 countries, and 55% of its production is exported.