Small CNC with a Rotary Axis and Flatbed

Legacy Woodworking Machinery in Springville, Utah will be releasing the new Maverick 3X5 Pro in March, and the company’s new Delta CNC controller (used on its high production Maverick 4X8 CNC machines) will be available on the smaller machine. That combination can deliver three times faster production speeds and lower overhead costs. The work area is 49” x 24” with 8” of Z, and that’s expandable to 56” c 36”. The machine also has a rotary axis with a 50” x 10” capacity. It comes with an ER20 collet and 3 HP/24,000 RPM. The tool change is manual.

The new 3X5 Pro is not replacing the original Maverick 3X5 with its Mach 3 controller. Rather, the product line will now have two CNC machines available. And both machines have received additional upgrades, including a more rigid frame design, a single powerline (not requiring multiple plugs), and additional relay plugs to power on/off 3rd party systems like dust control. On March 1st, 2021, pricing will be available for the new machine on the Build-&-Price page on Legacy’s website, or by calling 801-609-2805. (If you already have a Maverick 3X5 on order and would like to upgrade to the Pro system before it ships, call to discuss the price difference and adjusted lead times.)