SO Class Ball-Bearing Slides from Samet

Samet hardware is widely distributed in the U.S., and the Turkish manufacturer’s SO Class ball-bearing slide has improved soft-close technology in its 35 mm (1.38”) and 46 mm (1.81”) profile height products. The upgrade delivers excellent soft-close performance operation at all loads and running speeds. The braking distances and soft closing speed have been designed to provide the highest level of customer comfort, and a locking detent mechanism keeps drawers securely closed. The new SO slides accommodate drawer lengths from 7-1/4” to 27-1/2” and come in single extension (0.7” and 1.063” tall) and full extension (1.38”, 1.7” and 1.81” tall) versions. The loading capacity is up to 99 lbs., and the slides come in galvanized and clear zinc finish options with high-tolerance values for easy assembly. Samet US, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida and can be contacted HERE.