Solid Wood Joinery Has Never Been So Easy or Precise (Sponsored)

It delivers the precision of a CNC at a fraction of the cost, and does so with a much shorter learning curve.

The PantoRouter™ is the perfect answer for furniture builders who are doing joinery in solid wood or high density multi-ply. This affordable, highly accurate machine offers superior dust collection, incredible repeatability and the capacity to mill parts for just about any joint one can imagine. Those include mortise and tenon – including angled, compound angled and multi-tenon joints – plus box joinery and dovetails with any pattern layout. It will even make custom-shaped, exposed mortise joinery that adds something special to any project. And unlike commercial dovetail jigs, it’s neither confusing nor difficult to set up, so any employee can build all the drawers for a kitchen or mill perfect leg joints all day long. Plus, it’s a tool that encourages a woodworker to explore new ways of building with a high degree of craftsmanship. The company has added numerous videos to its website, and the machine is available at a number of price points and options.