Spectacular Marking Tools are Ready to Ship

Dave Jeske of Blue Spruce Toolworks hopes that the beautiful form, balance and function of his products “will not only inspire woodworkers to do their finest work, but that the tools will also become treasured heirlooms to be passed down through generations of woodworkers”. He has announced that he’ll be shipping the latest batches of adjustable and sliding bevel gauges in late October. His standard Adjustable Square is available with a 4” body and 6” blade length ($135) or a 2” x 3” version ($100). The body is made from high strength aluminum alloy and coated with state-of-the-art ceramic coating or an anodized finish. All of the edges are carefully chamfered for comfort, and to protect your work from scratches. The infills are recessed and provide a warm, comfortable grip. They’re available as standard in curly maple but many other options are available including custom woods. The blades are hardened 410 stainless steel and can be ordered with a ceramic coating or a satin finish. And Dave’s Sliding Bevel Gauges have a unique locking mechanism that delivers precisely adjustable drag, unobtrusive locking from the end of the tool, and a blade that is perfectly centered in the body. These are available in 4” ($125) and 7” ($150) versions.