Spoilboard Flat Table Cup


New from Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. (BVC) in Chino Hills, California is the DS132147 spoil-board flat table cup that means no more removing the spoil-board and plugging holes. With this double-sided seal you can rotate or place the cup anywhere on your spoil-board. With its serious holding power, it can be used with solid woods, plastic, composites and other materials. The flat table cups will allow a woodshop to do solid wood work or edge detail by raising the material off of the table. Measuring 145 x 132 x 46mm, BVC’s full size flat table vacuum cup can be used to do large parts, or can be sectioned off with gasket to do smaller parts. The DS132147 is also offered as a stackable option for 5-axis work at 35mm height (other heights are available) , so you can easily go to 70mm. For a limited time (until August 31st), the company is offering it at a $149 sale price (regularly $169). This cup is not for a grid table. It is used on top of an existing spoil-board.