Vintage Woodworking Tools

Stanley No. 45 and More from Vintage Tool Trader Rick Hansen

I spent an hour or so sharpening chisels this morning after my 8-year-old granddaughter spent an hour or so making them dull. She was cleaning up ancient glue drips from the shop’s 1930s red oak floor. She did a fantastic job, but there were a few nicks and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out the waterstones. It got me thinking about old tools and the absolute joy that some people derive from trading, restoring and using them.

Rick Hansen runs Vintage Woodworking Tools in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has a beautiful website, and he can also be found on eBay and social media platforms. The Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) has a rich history in hand tools and woodworking. The region was settled by Germans and Scandinavians who brought their craft with them. Today, it’s home to Rockler Woodworking, the American Association of Woodturners, the legendary Minnesota Woodworkers Guild and a surprising number of tool and machinery manufacturers.

Rick is constantly adding new tools to his catalog as he buys, sells, restores and puts these aging treasures to use in his own shop. Among the latest additions is the exquisite Stanley No. 45 combination plane shown here ($275). It’s a Type 16 from c. 1936-1948, and it’s complete, clean and ready to go to work or on display. The 21 cutters are still in their original box and the plane has its slitter, cam rest, beading gauge, long and short rods, and the micro-adjust fence along with good spurs.

You can search by categories that include Bench Accessories, Braces, Chisels & Gouges, Catalogs & Literature, Draw Knives, Drills, Levels, Measuring Tools, Planes (bench, block, specialty, router, collectible, combination, parts), Saws, Scrapers, Spokeshaves and Beaders, Screwdrivers, Sharpening (mostly stones) and Wooden Planes. This morning the selection of collectible planes ran from a $20 wooden sash plane to a breathtaking, highly decorative Stanley No 42 that’s listed at $2,350.