State-Of-The-Art Edgebander Upgrades

SCM North America, which is based in Duluth, Georgia, has upgraded some of its edgebanders with new features that increase overall performance. The popular SCM me 35 and me 40 machines have a new glue scraping unit with a rotating copying device that allows woodshops to machine even the most delicate panels with no problems. The reliability, ease-of-use and dimensions are unchanged, when compared to the previous model. The machines also have a new edge scraping unit that includes a numerical indicator for the horizontal adjustment. That enables quick positioning of the unit during the processing of edges with different thicknesses. Also new are nesting copying devices for the trimming and the edge scraping units, and this eliminates problems with panels coming from a nesting production cycle where seating for the hinges has been executed before the edge banding phase. That can be ordered with the machine, or it can be added as an upgrade at a later time.