Infinity Tools Table Saw Crosscut Slet

Table Saw Crosscut Sled

The new Infinity Tools TCS-200 ($279.90) is a crosscut sled that’s accurate straight out of the box. It is CNC machined and has 12 inches of cutting capacity. It comes with two replaceable HDPE zero-clearance throat plates and will work on both miter slots of most saws. A woodworker can move from a zero clearance 90-degree crosscut to a zero-clearance cut with a different blade bevel or kerf or even a dado stack simply by switching slots. Infinity also offers also offer the TCS-200.CRP replacement kit that includes another sacrificial rear fence and two additional throat plates. It’s not just for different set ups on a single saw, but also accommodates varying miter slot spacing on different saws. That means one can switch from a cabinet saw in the shop to a contractor saw on the jobsite. One can mark the extra fences with the blade kerf and angle, to easily switch between tailor-made zero clearance set ups on every cut.

Repetitive cuts are done with the included flip stop which slides along the T-track top rail so it can be positioned anywhere along the fence. When done, just flip it up and out of the way. There’s a toggle clamp hold-down that is helpful for longer workpieces and for preventing drop off pieces from tilting. Like the flip stop, it is mounted to the top rail for variable positioning. The swiveling clamp foot is over an inch in diameter with a 6-inch spindle, so it accommodates a vast array of workpiece shapes and sizes.

The sled has a zero-play miter bar with spring-loaded ball detents to ensure the sled will fit tightly in most any miter slot with very little slop. A removable blade guard deflects chips and helps keep hands safely away from the blade. The robust handle provides a secure grip for handling the sled and also doubles as a convenient hanger. The sled is constructed from 3/4” void free plycore with MicroDot laminate on the top surfaces and melamine laminate on the bottom surfaces. It has almost 24” of width for support on both sides of the blade.