Table Saw Dust Won’t Survive this Shark Attack

If you’re tired of eating sawdust from table saw blades, the Shark (model S-12S) may be just what you need. It’s a universal overhead guard from Harvey Woodworking (Harvey Industries International in Montclair, California), that fits most 10” and 12” table saws and grabs the dust topside instead of letting it collect in the body of the machine. This combination guard and dust collection system is made to endure with its hard, chromed heavy duty steel frame, cast steel joints and aircraft aluminum alloy housing. It offers six degrees of freedom (DOF) adjustment, which essentially means it can be positioned quickly and accurately at any height above the blade. There’s a linear guideway and a supporting air strut that holds the position once set. The dust collection is very efficient, and a large transparent guard fully covers the blade at any angle, or while using a dado set. Listed at $999, this is a substantial accessory – it weighs over a hundred pounds – and Harvey is currently offering it at the discounted price of $899 plus $139 shipping (see website for details). The next days it will ship from the warehouse are February 28th and March 15th.