Telescopic Support Pole from BESSEY Has a Pump Grip

Telescopic Support Pole from BESSEY Has A Pump grip

Billed by the clamp maker as a drywall support, the telescoping pole can be much more on the jobsite. It’s like having an extra pair of hands available when installing items such as panels, headers, beams, and even garage doors. It can also be used to build a quick sanding or spray booth onsite (see photo). Offering single hand operation, it has a 2-component plastic handle with a pump mechanism and stable steel pipe construction in three sizes.

A woodworker can choose between models that offer adjustment ranges from 58″ to 145″. The robust design allows for higher load capacities, and PVC pads on the top and bottom grab the surface for safe support. There’s a quick-slide button for rapid extension and retraction, and the pads offer continuous swiveling from -45 to +45 degrees for sloped ceilings and other non-square situations. Plus, there are screw holes on the contact pads for additional support.

The STE98 model opens from 58” to 98”, and delivers 350 lbs. of clamping force at full extension (more at shorter extensions to a maximum of 770 lbs. The STE118 extension range is 67” to 118” (240 lbs. at full extension), and the STE145 extends from 82” to 145” and delivers 140 lbs. at full extension.