Thermwood’s New AutoProcessor 43

The AutoProcessor 43 from Thermwood

The new machining center is a complete nested-based CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture, and any nested type of sheet product. It is fully automatic, from labeling and positioning of the sheets to machining and off-loading the machined parts. With each cycle, the machine simultaneously and automatically labels each part area on the sheet, moves and then automatically positions the sheet on the table, machines the material while labeling the next sheet, simultaneously off-loads the finished parts and reloads the next sheet, and continuously repeats the process. It comes with a 5’x10′ fixed table but that can be customized.

There’s a moving gantry, a 10-position automatic rotary tool-changer, a 12 HP (9kw) ISO electro spindle with a range up to 24000 RPM, and a high-flow vacuum table. The high frequency spindle is cooled with an electric fan for quieter running, and it contains ceramic bearings for longer life and less maintenance. And the tool-changer has ISO-30 holders and collets with an option for HSK63F.

Among the automatic features are the 6000 lbs. lift table for loading, the simultaneous labeling system, automatic dust collection during the unload raking process, and automatic pop-up pins. The 43 also has an automatic tool length sensor, lube system, load/unload system, Siemens intelligent servo drives throughout, and 3D laser compensated axis alignment.

Among the optional upgrades are a 5-spindle drill bank, and unload sorting table, and touchscreen control.

The AutoProcessor 43 is made in America.