Uneeda Wide Sanding Belts

The Best Way to Store Long, Wide Sanding Belts

Uneeda sent us a link this morning to a new video that the company had just uploaded on YouTube™, which is all about the best way to store wide belts.

“So often when customers are experiencing issues in their wide belt sanding process,” the email said, “the source of the issue could be traced to improper storage of belts.”

The short video is hosted by Uneeda’s vice president of sales Curtis Hicks, and it shows how to properly store your paper-backed wide belts in order to keep them in tip top shape. The same logic also applies to belts for oscillating edge sanders.

First off, keep them off the floor. If belts are stored standing up on one edge (as the blue belt at the right of the wide belt image is), Hicks says they can absorb moisture from the floor into that one edge and this can change the shape and size of the paper backing. That uneven absorption can cause a belt to no longer run true.

Next, use a piece of round plastic pipe (and not the square 2x2s used in the WoodEzine shop, at right in photo – my bad!) to maintain the radius at the end of each belt.

Third, slip a length of the plastic pipe into the bottom of each belt, too. This will maintain the radius on the bottom, but it will also stop belts touching each other and allowing the granules to erode, which can leave small lines on a surface. The belts shown here had just had the bottom pipes placed in them, so they haven’t quite settled yet. Eventually, the weight of the pipe will straighten them out perfectly.

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