The CK22T Workbench Tabletop


Based in Troy, Michigan, Bora Tool is known for innovative workshop helpers such as the Centipete workstand that has essentially replaced sawhorses on many jobsites. It has also found a new home back in the shop where it allows people to use limited space intelligently. The biggest problem with temporary worksites is equipment that isn’t designed for easy set-up and tear-down at the beginning and end of the day. The new CK22T Centipede® Workbench Tabletop is designed to combat that. The new foldable worktop sits on a Centipede and combines extreme durability with convenience. Capable of supporting 2000 lbs the Tabletop itself is quite lightweight. A 3/4” benchdog hole pattern works with standard accessories that are included with the Centipede, as well as many jigs and fixtures from other manufacturers. The design also features hinges in the middle and a slotted handle, making it easy to transport and setup.