The Difference Between Butterfly and Guillotine Blast gates

The new butterfly gate from EcoGate looks completely different than a traditional guillotine gate. The ‘blade’ rotates, rather than withdrawing into a pocket. This gate is designed for machines that are only exhausting fine dust – no chips! There’s a silicone seal around the rotating blade that makes the gate airtight and seals it when closed. This is very useful for mist applications as it eliminates leaks. This style of gate can be used in positive pressure environments as well as negative, whereas a guillotine gate can only operate on negative pressure. In a guillotine, positive pressure will open rubber flaps that cover the perimeter between two gate halves, and air will escape. The new gates are also operated using magnetic limit switches, but the magnets are located on the outside of the gate so they’re on the outside of ductwork when installed. But because the rotating blade is inside the duct, it will obstruct larger material such as wood chips or strips, and cause blockages. So, for woodworking other than operations that don’t just exhaust fine dust, the better option would still be a standard guillotine style gate.