Dust Deputy 2.5 Plus Cyclone Separator from Oneida

The Dust Deputy 2.5 Plus Cyclone Separator from Oneida

The Dust Deputy® 2.5 Cyclone Separator is Oneida Air Systems’ latest innovation for woodworkers and other makers in need of an effective and affordable dust control solution. Optimized for the more powerful wet/dry vacuums that have become standard over the years, this larger cyclone delivers up to double the airflow of smaller cyclones and lid-style separators. The new and larger Dust Deputy (item AXD250504, $79.95) is scheduled to start shipping any day now and Oneida are already taking orders. The original Dust Deputy was a huge hit with small shops, and this one is designed for slightly larger dust collection systems. Its improved, high airflow, cyclone design stops over 99% of fine dust and bulk debris from clogging a vacuum’s filter. The 2.5 Plus can be used to upgrade any make or model of shop vacuum that has 2-1/2” hose fittings. Its neutral-vane technology improves separation efficiency by 20 per cent and it fits onto most standard 5-gallon buckets (a dolly is recommended for stability). The Plus kit includes a highly flexible, wire-reinforced, vacuum hose. The Dust Deputy’s anti-static components significantly reduce the likelihood of static shock, and it has a reinforced quick-release cyclone lid for fast and easy emptying. Included with the Anti-Static Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator is a quick-release Bucket Lid with cyclonic design, 66” long hose, a pre-cut neoprene foam gasket and the lid mounting hardware. The woodworker will need to supply a shop vacuum with a 2-1/2” hose coupler and a 12″ diameter 5-gallon bucket. Oneida does offer an optional collapse-proof 5-gallon Dust Deputy bucket and other accessories.