The EuroHinge Jig from MLCS item 400-2137

The EuroHinge Jig is Now Available from MLCS

This is an inexpensive self-aligning jig (item #400-2137, $24.99) that works with frameless and face frame cabinets to locate and drill recesses accurately for 35mm hinges. It includes settings for the most popular hinge styles and cup locations. The jig helps position and mount a door to a cabinet. Its two red edge alignment knobs position the cup hole from the edge of the door using a cam-like technique, and a steel edge locator pin then sets the distance at either 3” or 4” from the top or bottom. A drill guide with a metal bushing locks into the jig and guides the Forstner bit so that it drills a perfectly straight and level hinge cup hole. And the cup hole depth can be set on the included 35mm high-speed steel bit, using the included stop collar. The jig comes with a 35mm Forstner bit, the red hinge marking guide, a 1/16″ pilot bit and a 3mm Allen wrench.

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