Senco F-35FRHXP

The F-35FRHXP is Senco’s First Full Round Head Cordless Framing Nail Gun

The new F-35FRHXP drives up to 3-½” full round head, plastic collated nails. It’s built with the company’s proprietary Fusion™ cordless pneumatic technology, which relies on a sealed compressed air cylinder that delivers the speed, feel and performance of a true pneumatic tool. It’s capable of sinking nails fully into the hardest substrates, including engineered lumber such as LVL and OSB. This follows the 2020 launch of the F-35XP, a cordless framing nail gun that fires clipped-head, paper tape collated nails. The F-35FRHXP is intuitive for users of traditional corded pneumatic nail guns. There’s no ramp-up time between shots, allowing users to work quickly when bump firing. Unlike gas-powered guns, the F-35FRHXP produces no irritating fumes and doesn’t require costly fuel cells. It has a 20-degree magazine that holds 35 fasteners and accommodates nails from 2 to 3-1/2” long and 0.113” to 0.131”in diameter. Each 3.0 Ah Li-Ion extended-life battery can drive up to six hundred nails per full battery charge.

The F-35FRH XP has a MSRP of $549 and comes with two batteries, a 5 Amp quick charger, a no-mar tip and a storage bag.

The Japanese corporation Kyocera Corporation acquired Senco Holdings, Inc., in August 2017.

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